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 AL qamar TOUR

Arrival in Muscat – Pick-up only
Upon arrival, a transport will be waiting to take you to your hotel.
Overnight stay at Muscat

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – Opera House – Qurum Beach – Muttrah Souk – Al Alam Palace – The Fort of Al
Jalali & Al Mirani – Al Bustan Palace – Parliament

At approximately 8:30 AM, we will take you through the gorgeous city of Muscat where we will first visit the grand mosque which, among a couple others, is one of the biggest 1-piece handmade Iranian carpet in the world. The carpet weighs a whopping 21 tons and can comfortably accommodate up to 20,000 worshippers. Shortly after, we will drive you around the ministries and the Royal Opera House area which is leading arts, and culture organization in the Sultanate of Oman. The vision of the Opera House is to serve as a center of excellence in global cultural engagement. Then visit Qurum Beach Photo Stop and we will take you to had a taste the Omani bread with honey and karak tea, then continue drive to the Muttrah Souk is next, where you can find various souvenirs and Muttrah Souq one of the oldest marketplaces in Oman dating back two hundred years, After we will show you the Al Alam palace, the official palace of his majesty. Next visit the 2 Portuguese forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani photo stop are next on the itinerary. These forts are impressive to tour and explore. Various picture opportunities are available throughout the fortresses. Next, we visit one last palace. The palace of Al Bustan for some more exploring. Before we finish the tour, we will all stop at the parliament photo stop where you can capture some of the best memories in the city of Muscat.
Overnight stay at Muscat

Watching Dolphin
Morning Time: from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Dhow Cruise : Afternoon Time
Evening time, we will invite you for dinner at Mohammed House or one of the local restaurants
Overnight stay at Muscat

Bimmah Sink Hole – Fins Beach – Wadi Shab – Wadi Tiwi – Ras Al Hadd

Depart Muscat, approximately at 8:30 AM, Our first stop on this day is Bimmah Sink Hole, a big crater near the sea with a small lake at the bottom, which is believed to have been created by meteor, our next stop to Fins Beach, It is strikingly white, curiously pebbly, incredibly blue and jaw- droppingly amazing. Then we continue drive to Wadi Shab this Wadi is an enormous canyon gorge that is lined with palm trees and impressive indications of what the power of the water coming down from the mountains can do in nature. With around 35-minute hike up through the canyon Wadi, we arrive at one of several crystal-clear water pools. Tourists can swim on through the warm waters from pool to pool. Eventually, we come to the last pool where an opening among the enormous rocks allows us to swim into an incredible crevice cave with a small waterfall. Inside, the sunlight filters in from the outside, turning the water into a beautiful turquoise blue whilst water showers down one side of the cave from the wadi beyond. Our next stop is the Wadi Tiwi photo stop, which is named after Tiwi village at the coast, is a beautiful wadi with the lush plantations giving it a different (certainly greener) feel than many other wadis, then continue drive to the hotel in Ras Al Hadd.

Overnight stay at Turtle Beach Resort
Watching Turtle in the evening

Sur – Dhow Factory – Omani Ghazal Farm – Wadi Bani Khalid – Wahiba Sands Desert

Depart the hotel after breakfast, then today we drive to Sur, In the morning we will show you the City of Sur with some old fortresses and the famous Arabian Dhow Factory, where you can see traditional wooden Dhows being built. Then we will drive onwards to visit Omani Ghazal Farm in Al Kamel (Asilel Farm), then after drive to Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the biggest and most beautiful Wadis in Oman. Here you can swim, sunbath, relax and have a picnic in the beautiful scenic of wadi canyons. In the late afternoon, we continue to our desert camp in the Wahiba Sands desert, where you relax or take part in an adventurous 4×4 drive in the sand dunes. Then we will watch the stunning sunset of the desert on one of the big sand dunes. We finish the day with have a dinner at the camp and a nice romantic time around a campfire.
Overnight stay at Arabian Oryx Camp
Watching sunset and sunrise from the dunes

Zukait Tower Tombs – Jebel Akhdar – Birkat Al Mouz – Irrigation System of Al Katmyn – Nizwa

Watching sunrise early morning from the dunes before breakfast, approximately at 8:30 AM depart Wahiba Sand Desert with some stop for photo’s in the dunes. Our next stop is the Zukait Tower Tombs in Izki, this stunningly well-preserved site was declared by UNESCO to be an “array fossilized bronze age landscape”, acting almost as a time-capsule for the BCE era. The rich landscape that is home to these beehive tombs was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1988 and has continued to win plaudits for the treasure trove of data it has provided archaeologists from around the world. Our next stop in Jebel Akhdar or they called the Green Mountain is part of Al Hajar Mountains range in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate of Oman. It rises to a height of 2,980 and encompasses the Saiq Plateau at 2,000 meter above sea level, after lunch drive towards to Birkat Al Mouz, a unique village nestle into a mountain face, and the Irrigation system of Al Kattmyn in 2006, one of the five Irrigation Systems of Oman were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, then continue to Nizwa.
Overnight stay at Nizwa or Jebel Akhdar

Nizwa Fort – Nizwa Souk – Al Hamra Old Village – Misfah Al Abryeen – Jebel Shams

Depart the hotel after breakfast, then today drive to Nizwa, the former capital of Oman, and home of the famous Nizwa Fort, the fort is a museum and offers splendid views of this ancient town and the surrounding mountains, and the Nizwa Souk, take a break to browse and purchase some Omani silver craft and other beautiful handmade items. After your time in Nizwa, head up to make a visit to Al Hamra Old Village, home to the mountain village of Misfah Al Abryeen, here some of the oldest preserved houses in Oman can be found, then continue drive Jebel Shams the Grand Canyon of Oman, which is the Ministry of Tourism, Sultanate of Oman, states to be 3,009 m (9,872 ft) high, afterwards back to the hotel
Overnight stay at Jebel Shams Resort

Grand Canyon of Oman – Bait Al Safa Museum – Bahla Fort – Jabreen Castle

Depart the hotel after breakfast starting your day you will move further up the mountain of the Grand Canyon of Oman for a breathtaking photo stop, and to the next stop in Bait Al Safa an old house converted into a famous living Omani Museum, then head to Bahla Forts, where you can see the local pottery being made afterwards head up to Jabreen Castle, one of Oman’s most beautiful forts, then back to the hotel.
Overnight stay at Jebel Shams Resort

Wadi Bani Awf – Bilad Sayt – Nakhal Fort – Nakhal Hotspring – Millennium Mussanah

Depart the hotel after breakfast, at approximately 8:30 AM, head up towards to Wadi Bani Awf with many photo stop, is a large wadi in Al Rustaq, the wadi covers a large area with several villages and lots of cool attractions worth visiting, including the well-known Snake Canyon, the next stop is Bilad Sayt is a mountain village tucked between the Western Hajar mountains bordering the Dakhiliyah and Batinah regions of Oman, Bilad Sayt is a stunning village in picturesque surroundings that should be part of anyone’s check-list of places to visit when coming to Oman, and then turn inland to the famous Nakhal fortress. It lies at the foothills of the mountains in a nice small village which grows extensive date palm plantations. This magnificent 350 years old fortress rises out of the mountain rock, towering high above the ancient village as if still warning would-be attackers of its ominous strength It has witnessed many battles and is packed full of hidden escape routes and secret passages. You can stroll around the inside of this restored fortress and visit all the rooms which have been nicely decorated in the original old style. The view from the top of the fortress over the mountains and green date plantations is outstanding. After the fortress, we will drive through the old Village of Nakhal to the hot springs. Here you will find a beautiful small green Wadi. The small river in the Wadi has hot spring water, in which you can bathe your feet in then after drive to Millennium Mussanah.
Overnight stay at Millennium Mussanah (Beach Hotel)

DAY 10
Snorkeling from Millennium Mussanah in Daymanyat Island
Overnight stay at Millennium Mussanah (Beach Hotel)

DAY 11
Rustaq Fort – Rustaq Hotspring – Al Hazm Castle – Muscat

Depart the hotel after breakfast, at approximately 8:30 AM, Our first stop to Rustaq Fort, originally built in the 12th century, Al Rustaq Fort was reconstructed to its present state in the 16th century when Al Rustaq was the capital of Oman, with three levels and four watch towers, it is one of the largest forts in the Sultanate and open to the public, then afterwards continue to Rustaq Hotspring, the warm spring water along with the Sulphur has been known to treat a variety of health issues including helping in the production of endorphins, helping one relax and sleep better, stimulation of the immune system and help with skin related issues, then head up to Al Hazm Castle, was built around the beginning of the 18th century towards the end of the reign of Al Yarubi tribe over Oman when they made Al Rustaq the capital of their state. Al Yarubi tribe is most famously known for removing the Portuguese from Oman, then after drive back to Muscat.

Overnight stay at Muscat

DAY 12
Musandam – Khasab Castle – Jebel Harim

After breakfast will be transported to the airport for your flight to Musandam. Our guide will pick-up you from the airport then continue drive to do a City Tour Half Day for around 3 hours, with a small tour in the Khasab Castle, the current form of the castle was built by the Portugese in the 17th century on top of an ancient fort built in ancient unknown times. The Portuguese colonized Khasab as part of their plan to take control over the Strait of Hormuz, but they were removed from Khasab by the Omanis around the year 1624. We drive to Jebel Harim for around 4 hours tour, the highest mountain in Musandam. The mountain scenery surrounding Musandam Peninsula's highest peak, Jebel Harim (Mountain of Women), is very striking, with strong striations in the rock face and spectacular vistas across the arid landscape. In spring, the scenery softens as a tinge of green touches the mountainside and delicate blooms such as wild geraniums and miniature iris contrast with the rugged backdrop, then afterwards drive to the hotel.
Overnight stay at Musandam Hotel

DAY 13
Dhow Cruise Full Day

Depart the hotel after breakfast, continue go on an Arabic Dhow day tour. The Boat is a large original wooden Dhow which fits about 20 people. There are sitting places decorated with carpets and cushions in the sun or in the shade. The cruise takes you along the beautiful steep cliffs of the Musandam Peninsula, then we take you dolphin watching in another part of the bay. The boat will take you back in the afternoon.
Overnight stay at Musandam Hotel

DAY 14
Transported to the airport for your departure, and pick-up from Muscat airport for arrival.
Free time at the Hotel.
Overnight stay at Muscat

DAY 15
City Tour – Sultan Qaboos Mosque – Al Baleed Park & Museum – Haffa Souq

After breakfast will be transported to the airport for your flight to Salalah you. Our guide will pick-up you from the airport then continue drive for a quick photo stop at the majestic Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Afterward, you will explore Al Baleed Archaeological park and Museum for an overview of national and local history. In this charming museum you will find a vast array of local antiquities that open your eyes to the history and heritage of the Sultanate of Oman, then carry on to the alleyways of Haffa Souq, the historic market near the Sultan’s Palace, brimming with Omani handicrafts, perfumes, and the famous frankincense of Salalah. After you have finished your shopping, before you return to the hotel.
Overnight stay at Salalah Hotel

DAY 16
Salalah East – Taqa Castle – Sumharam – Wadi Dirbat – Ayn Razat

After breakfast, your journey begins with a visit to Taqah Castle as built in the 19th century. This makes it a relatively new castle in comparison to forts and castles found in the north of Oman. Our next stop is then Sumharam. If silence could speak, the antiquated port city of Sumharam, which reigned supreme 2,000 years ago as the guardian of the perfume paradise, will narrate endless accounts of the heydays etched by the fortified hill city adjacent to Khor Rori Creek. Strategy at its best sums up the ancient city’s soul reflected in its ruins. Sumharam is in Taqah, 30 km from Salalah. Then we will visit Wadi Dirbat, home to an amazing variety of plants, trees, birds, and flowers. See the longest cave in the world, a serene valley completes with optional hiking trails and head up to Ain Razat is the most striking of all the springs scattered across the Salalah Plain, Ayn Razat flows copiously from the hillside at all times of year and rolls across the limestone pavement in something close to a permanent river, then return to your hotel.
Overnight stay at Salalah Hotel

Day 17
Salalah West – Frankincense trees – Mughsayl – Nabi Ayoub

After breakfast approximately at 8:30 AM, we start the day with a visit to have the chance to see the famous frankincense trees (boswellia sacra), this tree has gained worldwide fame. Dhofar has known frankincense since time immemorial, and frankincense is mentioned in ancient history books. It is known to be the best in the world and has brought the region to great wealth thousands of years ago, when frankincense was more valuable then gold, then heaup up towards Al Mughsayl Beach (also written as Al Mughsail Beach) is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Dhofar, Oman. The beach is liked by the locals and tourists alike. Al Mughsayl is a long stretch of blue water sea and white sand. The last stop is another popular tourist attraction, the Nabi Ayub grave at the tomb, lies the remains of Nabi Ayoub or Prophet Job as mentioned in the Bible. Holding a significant landmark from the bible, this tomb is located 25 kms from Salalah on a hill called the Jabal Al Qar and the tomb compound also houses a mosque, then return to your hotel.
Overnight stay at Salalah Hotel

Day 18
Salalah – Departure – Transfer only

Finally, say goodbye (for now) to beautiful Oman, and transfer to the airport for departure. Have a
safe journey!

Pick-up and drop-off (Muscat Area)
Guide English Speaking
Car (4WD)
Entrance fees
Accommodation dinner & breakfast

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