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Wadi Shab Adventure
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wadi shab



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Wadi Shab Adventure - Bimmah Sinkhole - White Sand of Fins Beach - BACK TO MUSCAT

The Wadi Shab is a huge canyon gorge that has its own paradise. Filled with palm trees and other greenery, the mountain truly has character. We leave Muscat in the morning and make our way to the wadi. We make a short stop at the Bamah sinkhole where most like to take photos or swim in the lake. We make our way through Fins Beach, a long white-sand beach photo stop, and then arrive at Wadi Shab.
After an hour trek through the canyon, you will see a clear water pool. The water is crystal clear, it is amazing to swim through. Moving forward we end up at the last pool where we get to make our way through the canyon's cave. Fitting through crevices and openings till we are blessed with a small waterfall that breaks into a cool blue colour. It is paradise. After some exploring and a rest, we head back to Muscat.


*If you don’t want to swim, you can stay near the first pools where the water is shallow. Bring sun protection, hat, good walking shoes not slippery, swimwear, towel and extra clothes (if you like) and snacks. Tour involves some challenging hiking*

Tour Includes


Pick-up & Drop-off (Muscat Area)

Omani Tour Guide English Speaking 

Car (Salon or 4WD)

Full Day - 8 Hours

2 Person - 286 USD

4 Person - 312 USD

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