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Wahiba Sands Desert and Wadi Bani Khalid Tour
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wadi bani khalid

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 Village of Fanja Photo Stop - Wahiba Sands Desert – Visit Bedouin Families-wadi bani khalid - back to muscat

We depart early from Muscat heading towards the Sharqiya region. On the way, we take a short photo stop at the quaint little village of Fanja before we continue our journey to Wadi Bani Khalid. This is one of the biggest and most beautiful wadis that Oman is famous for. The wadi canyon is impressive, with its amazing steep walls and breath-taking crystal-clear water pools it is awesome to look at on its own. However, one can also enjoy a swim in the relaxing cool freshwater pool or just sunbathe. The wadi is so grand that you can even have the chance to walk deeper right into the wadi itself or maybe visit its hidden caves you also can have lunch there in local Omani restaurant. In the afternoon, we head out to famous Wahiba Sands Desert, where you drive off road and see stretches after stretches of pure sand and endless towering sand dunes. Here you will get to appreciate and experience the real feel and magic of the Omani desert. We have the chance to visit a traditional Bedouin house where we can try Omani coffee and dates (depending on availability), also you can ride Camel and drive to the dunes and take lots of photos. After this desert adventure, we drive back to Muscat.​

Ladies swim wear for Wadi Bani Khalid: Ladies must wear t shirt and under the knees (Bikini is not allowed)

Tour Includes


Pick-up & Drop-off (Muscat Area)

Omani Tour Guide English Speaking

Car (4WD)

Full Day - 8 Hours

2 Person - 286 USD

4 Person - 312 USD

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