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Wadi Al ArbEIeen TOUR

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Wadi Al Arbyeen – bIMMAH Sink hole – White Sand Beach – Wadi Shab Photo Stop & Wadi Tiwi Photo Stop

Wadi Al Arbyeen one of my favourite outdoors places in Oman. Wadi Al Arbyeen is not very accessible due to the lack of signage, and the stretch of off-road that you need to get through. However, you should visit if you enjoy taking a dip in freshwater pools, which are in abundance here, and want to experience the serenity of walking through a wadi that feels very untouched. You almost get an eerie feeling wading through the wadi, especially further in. You can spend time there to relax and swim Then after continuing drive to sinkhole (swimming in the sinkhole lake if possible) and the long white Beach of Fins, we arrive in Wadi Shab Photo Stop in the beginning of the Wadi, and you can have had lunch there at local Omani Restaurant and then continue to Wadi Tiwi Photo Stop then drive back to Muscat.

Tour Includes


Pick-up & Drop-off (Muscat Area)

Omani Tour Guide English Speaking 

Car (Salon or 4WD)

Full Day - 8 Hours

2 Person - 280 USD

4 Person -  300 USD

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