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Saal Walk (Jabal Khoneh) + Saal Cave
Timing: 5 hours (Morning Time or Afternoon Time)

We depart Muscat drive to Saal Mountain, or Jabal Khoneh is a mountain in the village of Sa’al in the outskirts of the city of Muscat. If you have ever driven out of Muscat on the Dakhiliyah Highway (Road No. 15), chances are that you would have seen the Sa’al Mountain along the highway. Sa’al Mountain (and the whole surrounding area to be honest) is a great place to explore especially if you live in Muscat due to its proximity to the city. The trek to the top (aka Sa’al Stairs) is a short yet challenging trek, but extremely rewarding with views of the surrounding mountains and wadis to the West and South, and the industrial area of Muscat to the North and East, then after continuing to Al Munkhariq Trek is a trekking path through a wadi near Sa’al village in Muscat. The trek itself is not remarkable, except for the fantastic sinkhole formed from the erosion of the limestone boulders inside the wadi, which is what the locals refer to as Al Munkhairq, which means ‘the bored’ rock as in the hole into the rock.

Tour Includes


Pick-up & Drop-off (Muscat Area)

Omani Tour Guide English Speaking 

Car (Salon or 4WD)

Full Day - 8 Hours

2 Person - 260 USD

4 Person - 290 USD

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