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rustaq fort
wadi bani kharus
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Rustaq Fort-Rustaq hotspring-wadi bani kharus

The Wilayat of Al Rustaq has a population of 62,000 in its many villages and wadis. There are also Hatstrings modern Souq and Fort.

Al Rustaq Fort is magnificent, which is appropriate for such an important trading centre between the coast and Western Hajar Mountains.

Wadi Bani Kharus is a deep narrow where there is always some water flowing. At the start of the wadi, to the left, there are small sea fossils as well as rock drawing of animals and warriors, believed to be fifteen hundred years old. The limestone rocks here are between ninety and two hundred and eighty million years old, and further on into the wadi they are six hundred million years old.

Tour Includes


Pick-up & Drop-off (Muscat Area)

Omani Tour Guide English Speaking 

Car (Salon or 4WD)

Full Day - 8 Hours

2 Person -  USD 290

4 Person -  USD 30

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